Enterprise Device Staging and Provisioning

Golden Image Creation and Enterprise Device Staging and Provisioning Services

With our Enterprise Device Staging and Provisioning services, you'll work with our Managed Services teamĀ  to create a "Golden Image" on your mobile computer, printer, RFID readers, etc. This includes all desired settings and configuration requirements for your devices.

Once the golden image is created and signed-off on by the customer, Imaginative Solutions' staging and provisioning services make your devices 100% operational out-of-the-box. Using our comprehensive tool suite, Imaginative Solutions preinstalls and configures all hardware/software you need for a device to run in a production environment including the following:

  • OS Updates and security patches are applied
  • TE profile is created/configured using Velocity Console and installed on the device
  • Wi-Fi profile setup and connected
  • MDM/EMM client is enrollment
  • Keymapping and scan events like Enter after scan, scan range, RFID frequency settings, and keyboard wedge are programed
  • All apps that need to be installed are downloaded and installed. Examples of common apps include: Enterprise Home Screen, Velocity TE client, Remote Desktop Connection, etc.
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