Zebra's MC9300

The MC9300 is the ultimate Android ultra-rugged keypad/touch Enterprise Mobile Computer

Every day workers across the world use the MC9300 mobile computer to streamline processes in warehouses and manufacturing plants all over the world.  Your workers get the ultimate in simplicity with Android, an operating system your workers already know well, a larger advanced touch display and more. It is a fully keyed premium mobile computer with a large display that offers reliable operation in any environment. It's a perfectly weighted device with a pistol-style grip and supports Voice-over-IP (VoIP) with a pre-loaded and pre-licensed PTT Express walkie talkie function.

Handle all of your applications with the ultimate in processing power and memory. New data capture capabilities include optional front and back cameras, extraordinary scan ranges and superior direct part mark (DPM) capture. The new battery runs twice as long as the MC9200 on a single charge. It’s the most rugged MC9000 Series ever created, ready to outlast virtually every device in its class in any environment — including the freezer. New Mobility DNA solutions make device, OS security and battery management easy, while delivering better-than-ever robust wireless connections. And since you can run your existing TE apps right out of the box, migrating to Android couldn't be easier.

Ultra-Rugged Construction

It’s not uncommon for operations to encounter extreme and hazardous environments. Flimsy technology won’t cut it, which is why the ultra-rugged construction of the Zebra MC9300 mobile computer is built to outlast any device in its class, in any environment.

    • - 3-inch WVGA Corning gorilla glass touchscreen
    • - Standard operating temp: -4 degrees F to 122 degrees F
    • - Cold storage operating temp: -22 degrees F to 122 degrees F
    • - 8-foot drop specification, can withstand multiple drops to concrete from 6 feet
    • - IP67 and IP65 per applicable IEC sealing specification
    • - Future-Proof Features

Investing into your operation is necessary to ensure growth, but the lifespan of many enterprise mobile computers is notoriously short. That’s why it’s critical to opt for devices that can withstand the test of time and innovation. Zebra Technologies has made a point to protect your operations by offering support for the next two versions of Android (P and Q).

In addition, the MC9300 offers:

    • - Touchscreen and keypad input
    • - Data entry modes support TE apps today and Android Intuitive Interactive apps tomorrow
    • - Swappable keypads for easy repurposing or replacing
    • - Enables a 90% charge in 4 hours or less
    • - Upgrade cost-effectively with backwards accessory compatibility
    • - LifeGuardTM for AndroidTM secures devices, offers full control of the upgrade process, and supports the next two versions of Android
    • - Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0 improves peripheral performance and extends battery life
    • - Rich locationing support with Visible Light Communication via a front-facing 5MP camera, plus WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0 BLE and Zebra’s locationing solutions

6 Keyboard Options

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Scan barcodes as close as 3 inches away all the way to the uppermost shelves of your racks as far a 70 feet high.



Workforce productivity is tied to the quality of the WiFi connections to your applications. Now you can make sure every worker has the best possible WiFi connection every minute of every shift with WorryFree WiFi. This free Zebra Mobility DNA tool delivers near instant application response time, unmatched roaming performance, exceptional voice quality and more.


With Zebra’s LifeGuard™ for Android™ you can count on the security updates you need to keep your mobile computers secure every day they are in service. Only LifeGuard provides available security support years beyond commercial support.

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