Microsoft Intune vs. SOTI MobiControl

What's the difference?

SOTI MobiControl and Microsoft Intune are two mobile device management (MDM) solutions that have some differences in their features, capabilities, and target audiences. That being said, which is better, SOTI MobiControl vs Microsoft Intune? Let's take a quick look at how they compare:

Vendor and Ecosystem:

  • SOTI MobiControl: Developed by SOTI Inc., it's a third-party MDM solution that can manage a wide range of mobile devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. It's not limited to Microsoft devices or services.
  • Microsoft Intune: As the name suggests, it's a product offered by Microsoft. It's tightly integrated with the Microsoft ecosystem, making it a natural choice for organizations using Microsoft 365, Azure, and Windows devices.

Device Support:

  • SOTI MobiControl: It supports various device types, including rugged devices, IoT devices, and devices from multiple manufacturers.
  • Microsoft Intune: While it does support a range of devices, it's most closely integrated with Windows and Microsoft 365 devices. It's especially suitable for organizations heavily invested in Microsoft technologies.

Feature Set:

  • SOTI MobiControl: It offers a comprehensive set of features for device management, such as remote control, application management, content management, and device analytics. It's known for its flexibility and robust security features.
  • Microsoft Intune: It provides features for managing and securing devices, apps, and data within the Microsoft ecosystem. It offers features like conditional access, identity and access management, and strong integration with Azure Active Directory.

User Interface:

  • SOTI MobiControl: It's known for its user-friendly interface and ease of use.
  • Microsoft Intune: It's designed to seamlessly integrate with the Microsoft 365 admin portal, providing a consistent experience for administrators already familiar with Microsoft tools.

Licensing and Pricing:

  • SOTI MobiControl: The pricing can vary based on the number of devices and specific features required. It offers flexible pricing options.
  • Microsoft Intune: The pricing structure may differ based on the organization's needs. It's best to check with Microsoft for specific licensing and pricing details.


SOTI MobiControl and Microsoft Intune are both MDM solutions, but they have differences in terms of vendor, device support, features, user interface, and licensing/pricing. It's important to consider these factors when choosing the right solution for your organization.

Microsoft Intune vs. SOTI MobiControl | Side-by-Side Comparison

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Microsoft Intune

SOTI MobiControl

Deployment Flexibility Microsoft Intune is only deployed in the Cloud via Microsoft Azure. SOTI MobiControl can be deployed on-premise or in the Cloud via Microsoft Azure or AWS, providing flexibility and choice so organizations can choose the right deployment scenario for their needs.
Organizational Structure (Groups/ subgroups) Microsoft Intune allows you to set up groups and subgroups to define access levels to content or applications. However, there is no way to easily define groups and subgroups for roles of users aligned to a specific physical or logical location. Repurposing a device requires re-enrollment. SOTI MobiControl easily enables you to set up groups and subgroups through a simple visual interface. With an easy drag-and-drop, devices can quickly inherit profiles, policies and/or rules in seconds, without having to be re-enrolled.
Device Location and Tracking Microsoft Intune only leverages “Find My iPhone” for lost or stolen devices. Organizations with non-Apple device deployments face significant risks if devices and data are lost or stolen. SOTI MobiControl tracks the real-time outdoor location of devices. You can establish policies to control device data and functions based on its location, helping to find misplaced devices and preventing data exposure on lost or stolen devices.
Geofencing Microsoft Intune does not support geofencing. SOTI MobiControl has polygonal geofencing capabilities, enabling users to easily design and control policies to their specific requirements.
File Sharing Support Microsoft Intune does not support the capability of transferring files to and from devices. This may require the use of specific third-party apps. SOTI MobiControl has two convenient options for file sharing on different platforms: File Exchange and Package Deployment.
Data Collection Microsoft Intune does not support Data Collection. SOTI MobiControl supports Data Collection, which is crucial for day-to-day operations and supports the management of devices that support your business.
Speed Control Lockdown Microsoft Intune does not offer speed control lockdown. SOTI MobiControl can lock down a device when it is travelling at or above a specified speed, ensuring devices cannot be accessed while in motion. This protects employees, the public, property and organization against distracted driving incidents.
Remote Control Microsoft Intune remote control is only available via TeamViewer, which requires purchasing a separate license. TeamViewer does not work for Android Enterprise managed devices. SOTI MobiControl enables IT administrators to quickly and easily remote control (RC) into a device, regardless of its implementation mode (Classic or Android Enterprise), to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve device issues.
Advanced JavaScript Microsoft Intune does not support JavaScript. SOTI MobiControl supports JavaScript, enabling critical device actions such as scheduling and triggering actions on devices, extracting data and transferring it to a server.
Bulk Application Deployment Microsoft Intune only deploys one application at a time to a single device or device group. SOTI MobiControl can quickly deploy numerous applications to numerous devices or device groups at once. Applications can be deployed in bulk to maintain worker productivity.
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