Zebra MC9400 Mobile Computer

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  • With the Zebra MC9400 Mobile Computer, scanning is easier and more reliable than ever. The MC9400 includes the optional all-new SE58 imager which is capable of scanning codes from right up close to over 83 ft./25.3 m away.
  • 7 keypad options, including 53key, 53key VT, 53key 5250, 58key, 43key, 34key, and 29key. IP65/IP68 dual rated for the toughest conditions.
  • NEW optional 7000mAh BLE enabled battery – locate lost devices even when powered down or low battery.
  • Biometric Facial Recognition-capable for improved sign-on experience for shared devices. Quickly and securely share devices between users in real-time.
  • Zebra Mobility DNA Enterprise enabled, providing a suite of tools and utilities that take the MC94XX to the next level of staging, deployment, health, and functionality. Pre-licensed and pre-installed All Touch TE – powered by Ivanti.

MC9400 Accessories

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MC94 Single Slot Charging Cradle
MC93/MC94 Single Slot Charging Cradle with Spare Battery Charger Bundle $346.00
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MC93/MC94 USB Snap-On Charge/Communication Cable Bundle $145.00
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MC9400 4 Slot Charger for Spare Batteries
MC93/MC94 Zebra 4-Slot Battery Charger Bundle (+$1,037.00)
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Zebra MC9300 4-Slot Ethernet-Charging Cradle
MC93/MC94 Charging and Communications Station Kit (4-Device Cradle) $1,037.00
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MC9400 Standard Battery
MC93/MC94 Spare Batteries - Standard Battery (BTRY-MC93-STN-01) $150.00
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EMM Software

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SOTI Mobicontrol Featured
SOTI MobiControl Cloud with Premium Support - 1 Year $59.00
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SOTI Mobicontrol Featured
SOTI MobiControl Cloud with Premium Support - 1 Year $59.00
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SOTI Mobicontrol Featured
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The all new Zebra MC9400 Mobile Computer is the next generation of ultra-rugged keypad/touch mobile computer! Powered by the latest Qualcomm platform (2.5x more processing power), 6GB/128GB memory, more rugged, and all the latest in wireless connectivity: Wi-Fi 6E and 5G data-only cellular (SA + NSA), you can easily and cost-effectively extend your wireless networks to the most expansive indoor and outdoor facilities. The MC9400 is fully backward compatible with all MC9300 accessories without the need for adapters or replacements of any kind. MC9400 is available in Standard, Cold Storage Freezer model, and Non-Incendive Class 1 Div 2 configurations. 5G is available only on MC9450 configurations.


Part Numbers: MC9400, LAN, WIFI 6E, Gun, Bluetooth, NFC, 4.3" Display, Vibrator, Android GMS, SE58 Imager, 8MP FF + 16MP RF Camera, 6GB RAM / 128GB UFS, 53 Key Standard, 7000mAh Standard Battery, North America Only (US, CA, PR

Choose from 7 keypad options, including: 29key | 34 key | 43 key | 53 key | 53 key VT | 53 key 5250 | 58 key

MC9400 Markets and Applications


Zebra MC9400 Warehouse Picking

  • • Picking
  • • Put-away
  • • Cross-docking
  • • Shipping
  • • Receiving
  • • Inventory control
  • • Reverse logistics
  • • Cold storage
  • • Non-incendive

The warehousing, distribution, logistics, and transportation industries have some of the most demanding environments for barcode scanning. Codes need to be captured quickly, often at a distance. Sometimes codes are damaged while being transferred. Other times codes are obscured by plastic wrap, or are difficult to scan due to particularly dim or bright settings.

To further complicate matters, a number of different codes are used, often in the same warehouse, to identify boxes, pallets, skids, and products. Sometimes these objects even have multiple types of barcodes on the same product, which can cause decoding errors.



  • • Inventory management
  • • Put-away
  • • Line-side replenishment
  • • Work-in-Process (WIP)
  • • Material track and trace
  • • Quality control
  • • Safety testing

Manual data entry is prone to errors, and in a warehouse environment, such mistakes can lead to costly consequences. Mobile handheld computers eliminate the need for manual record-keeping by enabling workers to enter data directly into the system through intuitive interfaces.



  • • Reverse logistics
  • • Price verification/updates
  • • Store receiving
  • • Online order fulfillment
  • • Backroom inventory management

Retailers worldwide rely on a system of standardization that makes it easier to manage inventory, supply chains, and to complete transactions. GS1, a non-profit organization is responsible for this system and has over a million members across retail and grocery.

When a company creates a new product to be sold in retail stores, they typically use GS1 to acquire a barcode that will be used to identify that product.


TC58 healthcare tracking solutions

  • • Locate assets in real time
  • • Protect patient data with secure wireless protocol
  • • Create geofences to lock down devices when they leave an authorized area
  • • Positive Patient Identification (PPID)
  • • Scan insurance cards to ensure coverage

Barcodes are used in a number of healthcare settings. From scanning a patient’s ID to confirm their identity and scanning their insurance card to ensure coverage, to scanning prescriptions and blood samples. In the medical world, a data entry error could be a life-or-death scenario. In a lab, specimen labeling mistakes can be caused by missing draw times, incorrect patient name, or missing or illegible initials from whoever drew the sample.

Additional information

Weight 1.7 lbs
Dimensions 9.4 × 3.5 × 7.4 in

34 Key Function Numeric, 43 Key Function Numeric, 53 Key Standard Alpha Numeric, 53 Key Virtual Terminal, 53 Key 5250 Emulation, 58 Key Alpha Numeric


SE4770 Standard Range Imager, SE58 Extended Range Imager





Expansion Slot

MicroSD card up to 2 TB



Operating System

Upgradeable to Android 17

Drop Spec

Exceeds per MIL-STD-810H: 12 ft./3.65 m to concrete.


IP65 and IP68 with battery.

Scan Range

2 in up to 100ft.

Device Type

Standard, Non-Incendive, Freezer


16MP Rear Facing Camera + 8MP Front Facing Camera, No Camera

22 reviews for Zebra MC9400 Mobile Computer

  1. nik

    Love this device because it runs the same Android OS as my phone!

  2. Chander

    One of the best pieces of tech Ive ever purchased!

  3. Erin

    Great device, big screen. We used for scanning inventory in our warehouse for picking. Battery lasts long as well.

  4. Will

    Im upgrading from the MC9200 so the differences are night and day.

  5. Franck

    In terms of performance, it handles everyday tasks smoothly.

  6. Rose

    The vibrant touch screen offers vivid colors and sharp details.

  7. Mark

    I can thoroughly recommend.

  8. Adam

  9. Kim

    The scan range on the long range scanner is incredible!

  10. Larry

  11. Ashley

    Im the kind of person who prefers to have newer versions of products, so this device is perfect for me.